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Coffee Shop with Bicycles


We believe that together
we can do more.
Bringing business and community together 



Our vision is to provide an ongoing experience that inspires community collaboration to improve, help and grow our villages.

We envision increasing the success rate of small businesses and nonprofits while creating local customer experiences like no other.

Live, Life Locally provides a platform, where together we can make a difference where we live, work, play and shop!

We believe that together
we can do more.

Bringing the community and business owners  together 



Our vision is to make our community clubs and public schools more self reliant and at the same time promote the concept of increasing the spending in the local village.  Our 21st century world presents progression, innovation, and opportunity, but we have also lost some integral connectedness to our villages as our worlds have grown bigger. We want to harness the power of modern opportunities while reinvigorating the special spirit of closer communities. We believe in the sustainability and powerful economic and social benefits of shopping locally.


Our Village taps into unutilized collaborative potential and resources to allow our individual communities to flourish at their fullest potential. We provide a new fundraising platform that will benefit our clubs and schools, local businesses and in turn, each individual community member. We encourage and inspire shopping local, and envision individuals feeling more connected to their villages and the groups and businesses within them.

What makes us unique


A community based fundraising platform that is simple to deploy, user friendly for the customers and requires no input from the staff of participating businesses 


Ongoing marketing campaigns provided to the Our Village community clubs and schools plus the  direct marketing and social media campaigns that reach thousands of local residents who have a common interest in supporting community projects


A business model that rewards every stakeholder


A fully accountable reporting system for the clubs, schools and participating businesses


Open for Business

OUR Founders

Our founders, Brian and Ross, know what it’s like to start a business from the ground up. They also have plenty of experience with volunteering with local clubs and schools in their respective communities.

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Our team of digital specialists consist of content writers, strategists, social media specialists and advertising specialists. 

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We have the know-how you need.

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Stronger together

By encouraging members to fundraise by shopping locally.  


Together we can do more

Bringing business and the community together. 



To assist  businesses to grow within the community.

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