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The innovative Our Village Loyalty Program is designed to help not-for-profits, clubs, and schools achieve their fundraising goals in a way that simultaneously and effectively drives sales for our member businesses.

It is very easy to participate. Register by clicking the button below. After registering a pop-up will appear with a QR code.   Download the contact card for the fundraise program. Show this contact card to the businesses that are participating in the program. They will donate a loyalty transaction fee on all your purchases to your club.

The more you buy local, the more funds your club will receive and the more local businesses you support!

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The fundraising program

Our Village member businesses support local fundraisers through a small loyalty transaction fee on purchases by Loyalty community members.


So the more you purchase at our local businesses the more funds you raise for the club of your choosing. By participating in the Our Village Fundraising Program you not only support your club but also the local businesses

This program directly drives sales for local businesses, and signals to the community that the businesses involved give back to our community and thus should be a primary choice.

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    Lindfield Football Club

    Help us raise money for the football club so we can provide the best possible environment for our players, coaches, volunteers and visitors.

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    Lindfield Junior Rugby Club

    Help us fund the new shed and the new equipment by participating in the Our Village Fundraising Program.

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