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Fundraising Program

Our Fundraising Projects

The innovative Our Village Fundraising Program is designed to help not-for-profit clubs and schools achieve their fundraising goals in a way that simultaneously and effectively drives sales for our member businesses.

It is very easy to participate. Register by using your mobile to scan the QR code adjacent to your club below and fill in your details.  For the Transaction Value, enter "0".  You are now registered to shop.   When you first shop, here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. When paying for your purchase, scan with your mobile the QR code for your club that you will find in store.

  2. A page will appear identical to the registration page (above). 

  3. Your details will auto-fill and all you have to do is enter the purchase amount under transaction value, tick the T&C's box and press submit  the merchant may wish to view your mobile to verify the amount.

  4. A percentage of your purchase value will then go to your club as a donation. 

The more you buy local, the more funds your club will receive and the more local businesses you support!

Sign up by scanning the QR code of your club with your mobile phone or click the button to go to the sign up page.

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