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The Package for Clubs & Schools in Partnership with Local Businesses

Members, parents & supporters shop locally with our business partners and a percentage of their purchases are donated via the Our Village system back to the club or school

Fundraising Software

Our Village provides clubs and schools with a software platform that partners with local businesses to generate much needed funding all year round.

There are no contracts for member businesses, they agree to a % that they are prepared to donate based on transactions made by club and school members, parents and supporters,

Included in this software platform is a cashless sweepstakes and raffle product that can be activated in short turnaround times.

Crowd Cheering

Marketing Support

The Our Village marketing and social media team design and develop campaigns which are distributed by clubs and schools to their members and supporters.  The key message in all campaigns is to encourage participation in the local shopping fundraising program with the business partners

Financial Report

Administration and Reporting

Each month Our Village publishes a comprehensive report for the clubs, schools and member businesses. The data includes a summary of all transactions with each member business.

Trust Mark

The Our Village Trust Mark indicates that the awarded business actively supports our community and is a primary choice for community members. Businesses must demonstrate the Our Village values to be awarded the Quality Mark and will stand out for having it.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Orange a

Expert advice 

Our highly experienced marketing and social media team members will advise on how best to present each business to the local resident community. 


Giving a Speech

These businesses already choose Our Village

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Call with Brian:

M: 61 418 275 065

Call with Ross:

M: 61 407 28 26 21

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