Our Village
Gift Card

The Perfect Local

Gift of Choice

What is the Our Village gift card?

An Our Village gift card is your new favourite go-to gift . Practical and versatile, this is a gift that will be appreciated as much by your local businesses as it will be by your delighted recipient.

Your recipient will have a great gift that they can easily use, and be spoilt for splendid choices on where to use it. Your local businesses will be gaining business that has a genuine impact on them and the people that work there.

An Our Village gift card has no expiry date and can be redeemed at any of our wonderful Lindfield or Freshwater businesses.


How can I buy an Our Village gift card?

It is very easy to purchase an e-gift card, which can be easily redeemed by the recipient at any one of our Freshwater or Lindfield member businesses.

Follow these steps to order an e-gift card:

  1. Select a design below

  2. Select the amount you would like to give

  3. Enter your details and create a personal message

  4. Send the e-gift card directly to you recipient or to yourself

  5. Go to check out and pay

  6. You or your recipient will receive the e-gift card per email. You can save the card in your digital wallet. 


Benefits of
the gift card

  • You support our local businesses 

  • You give a gift with a lot of choices.

  • You reinvest in your community

  • Can be redeemed at a wide variety of stores and venues in the Village

  • This gift has no expiry date