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5 Essentials For Summer Ready Skin

We’ve compiled our top 5 necessities for beautiful skin this summer.

1. An Effective Skincare Routine

For gorgeous glowing skin, it’s important to find a routine that works for you and your needs, which can change overtime.

 A good cleanser is essential. Especially as it gets warmer, we tend to spend more time outside and so your skin can receive more exposure to harmful pollutants. Make sure to wash your face extra well each night to remove all makeup and grime from the day. 

Using an exfoliant 1-2 times a week can help keep the skin looking fresh by removing dead cells.

 Serums use active ingredients to target your specific needs including fine lines, enlarged pores, or pigmentation.

A moisturiser will prevent dryness and protect against external irritants. It can also help makeup apply easier. A lightweight moisturiser should be sufficient over summer.

We have an excellent range of products in stock currently, and would be delighted to discuss your specific needs with you.

2. Vigilant Sun care

Sun care and protection from UV rays is of course important all year around, but even more so towards summer.

 Apply sunscreen everyday before applying any makeup, and be sure to reapply throughout the day.

 A wide brimmed hat will not only keep you cool, but also provide your head, ears and neck with additional protection. Make sure to wear your favourite UV protection sunnies too to protect your eyes.

3. Staying hydrated

Drinking enough water will help ensure you look and feel your very best including with regard to your skin.

Dehydrated skin can look drier, puffier, and have more prominent fine lines.

So make sure to invest in a water bottle if you are out and about a lot throughout the day.

4. Nourishing Diet

There are many scientific studies showing how diets can impact our complexion. 
It is generally advised to eat as many natural whole foods as possible, and minimise heavily processed foods.

This means piling up your plate with wonderful summer produce and healthy fats and oils, and going easy on the sugar, salt, and fast food.

5. Trying a skin treatment 

At Omorfia, we offer research based skin treatments that we specifically personalise to your individual needs. Feel free to browse our various packages and services online, or call today to have a conversation with our professional team about what we can do for you.

About Omorfia

Omorfia is a skin and body therapy retreat nestled in the heart of Lindfield on Sydney's North Shore. As specialists in skin fitness, body treatments and massage therapy, we treat all our guests to a sensory experience that is loved by locals and international visitors alike.

Start your journey to skin fitness and body well being today.

To make a booking, please call 02 9416 7723 or email

Booking requests can also be made online

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