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5 Reasons to Treat Yourself and Your Friends at SaltPepperNutmeg this Week

You should never need an excuse for treating yourself and spending cherished time with friends and family - but in case you do, we’ve given you 5 compelling reasons to.

1. It’ll increase your motivation to excel through the week

It is always easier to push through the challenges of our weekly duties and any additional requirements made of us, when we have something to look forward to. Why not make a mid-week booking with your family? The kids will be on their best behaviour waiting to try the Zombie Apocalypse, a special dessert consisting of strawberries, limoncello mousse and raspberry crackle. Alternatively, book on the weekend with some friends and together enjoy some Tanqueray Gin with tonic and limes collected from a special tree in a local Roseville garden.

2. Indulging can rejuvenate you and boost your mood

Did you know that when we reward ourselves, we feel more cared for, energised, and content? When we feel better, we perform better, and are able to be better to the people around us. It’s a busy time of year where many of us are at risk of feeling run down and a little flat. it’s a great time to get your friends together- and don’t forget to sample our renowned desserts!

3. To try something delicious and healthy and different from our new menu

For that Healthier indulgence, we have you covered - Try our Ocean Trout tartare. Fresh Tasmanian Ocean Trout fillets, nutrient-rich and full of omega-3, are lightly cured then presented on a salad rich with exciting textures, colours and flavours. Easy and delicious to eat and you will feel great afterwards.

4. Dining out creates special memories

When you come to SaltPepperNutmeg, your enjoyment is in our hands. You can sit back, relax, and let us take care of you and your guests. The food , the décor, the music and the moment are in our hands- All you need to focus on is sharing stories, being with friends and Family and creating memories - and also making sure you don’t forget to try our Mango Pearl and Aperol Spritz!

5. 2020 Has been tough for us all- you should be proud of yourself for making it this far

The time out has given everybody some space to re-evaluate, reset and rework what you do. SaltPepperNutmeg has used the time to remember what we do well and discover some new ideas and ways of doing things. call your friends and make a booking. We can’t wait to host you, and have you experience our new menu.


SaltPepperNutmeg was founded by Paul and Marion Desmet upon their belief that good, wholesome, healthy, traditional, old-style cooking should be accessible for everyone. They offer a delicious, regular changing menu.

Check it out:

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