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The 5 Most Asked Questions About Real Estate

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

We put five of the most commonly googled and asked real estate questions to an expert, Susie O’Brien of McGrath.

Susie has over twenty years of experience in real estate on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Susie has accomplished a reputation as an expert in the field, having consistently achieved price records while establishing honest and thoughtful relationships with clientele through the sales process and beyond. She chose to join the McGrath team for its leadership and commitment to continued success through ongoing training, client based relationships and quality service.

1. Should I buy or rent a house?

“Well I am biased and would definitely say buy. With interest rates at an all time low and predicted to stay that way for a few years it can be cheaper to buy than to rent.”

2. Is it still a good investment to buy a house in the current real estate market?

“Absolutely! Especially with the current low cash rate for savings/term deposits. Investing in real estate for long term capital gain is financially a better proposition.”

3. Do I really need a real estate agent to buy or sell a house?

“To sell yes. Real estate agents are experts in selling homes and we do this every day. You wouldn’t operate on yourself, you would use a surgeon.

You don’t need to use a buyer’s agent to buy unless you are too busy, you can work with the selling agent to get the transaction done.”

4. Why do houses go to auction?

“It is the true test of what the market is prepared to pay, 100% transparent for all buyers and places a timeframe for the sale.”

5. How do I select the right property?

“You need to choose what works best for your financial, family & lifestyle situation”

It certainly has been a fascinating year in Real Estate. Have more questions? Contact Susie directly for real estate enquiries, or follow us, Our Village, for more local interviews and news.

About McGrath

McGrath are a real estate company built around a community of genuine, like-minded professionals with one goal - to achieve the best result for each and every client. McGrath has been ranked as the #1 Agency for customer experience. Their team are passionate, skilled and highly trained, and committed to delivering an unparalleled real estate experience every time.

As part of their genuine commitment to their community, McGrath are a proud Partner of Our Village. If you sell a house through McGrath they will donate $500 to either Lindfield Junior Rugby Club or Lindfield Football Club.

Susie O'Brien

Sales Agent | Manly






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M 0411 762 227

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